Preschool Ages 3-5 Years

Preschool and Pre-K: Ages 3-5 Years

A child’s preschool learning experience can shape his or her academic career. We recognize the need for a strong foundation in academics and physical, social, and emotional development. Our goal at Kingdom Park Learning Center is to work in partnership with parents to set children on the path to a life-long love of learning. Our preschool program is designed to provide developmentally appropriate activities that build children’s skill sets, their confidence, and self-esteem, resulting in kindergarten readiness. Our “whole child” approach gives children the best possible start in learning and in life.

The Kingdom Park Preschool and Pre-K Program Experience Includes:

Goals and Objectives

Kingdom Park's goals and objectives are designed to create future leaders and prepare your children for the world that awaits them. Our aims are:

Social & Emotional Development

awareness of self and others

Physical Development

learning about movement

Cognitive Development

learning about the world

Language Development

learning how to communicate

Spiritual Development

learning about God’s great love for them