Child Care Education for Toddlers and Twos

Toddlers and Twos: 1-2 Years

Toddlers and twos are filled with curiosity, energy, and emotions. Lionheart Children’s Academy creates environments where opportunities to discover, explore, and experience the world around them are abundant. Our dedicated teaching team builds children’s self-esteem as they celebrate the day’s successes, and they love and support children through difficulty or failure. We’re a non-profit Christian organization with a committed approach to early-childhood education. We believe and understand the importance of the early childhood years and are passionate about helping children develop the social, cognitive, and physical skills they’ll need as they progress through their education. Our holistic approach is designed to help children accomplish their future goals.

The Lionheart Toddler and Twos Program Includes:

Goals and Objectives

Kingdom Park's goals and objectives are designed to create future leaders and prepare your children for the world that awaits them. Our aims are:

Social & Emotional Development

awareness of self and others

Physical Development

learning about movement

Cognitive Development

learning about the world

Language Development

learning how to communicate

Spiritual Development

learning about God’s great love for them